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Hello everyone,

I'm using searchanise with my magento, and would like to ask 2 questions

1- Which attributes are used in search?

2- I have 2 storeviews, but it seems that searchanise deal with only the default storeview .. right?

Many Thanks,
Enas Mahmoud

Dear Enas,

Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

The Searchanise add-on collects data about products, categories, pages and sends it to the server Searchanise, and constantly monitors changes in the catalog and also sends them to the server.

As regards storefronts, both of the storefronts should be indexed. If only one storefront is indexed in your store, please make sure that the Use Flat Catalog Product and Use Flat Catalog Category settings are disabled in your store. According to our system requirements, they should be disabled for the proper Searchanise work.

Thank you.

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