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Search results not showing

Hello. We have just installed Cs-Cart 4.3.2 and reinstalled the Searchanise addon. It seems to work ok, but it only previews the search results, but does not show the results on the webpage when we hit enter. Check: and search for eg. "Gloves"

Any ideas?

Dear Joachim,

Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

We are sorry to hear about this issue. To resolve it, please try using this solution: 

Replace the following line:

$query_by['product_code'] = trim($params['pcode']);

with these lines:

if (empty($params['pcode_from_q'])) { // FIXME This is a workaround. See @1-14957 for details.

            $query_by['product_code'] = trim($params['pcode']);


in the app/addons/searchanise/func.php file.


Please check it.

Thank you.

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