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Show 62 products more and show 1703

 Hello, when you put the words "caja tarta" in the footer odf the search say "show 62 more products", an when you click thear he find 1703, becouse is looking for the word separeted,

how can i fix that.


Dear Victor.

Thank you for contacting us.

The issue can occur if the Search also in: Pages/News check boxes are active on the Settings > General page of your CS-Cart admin panel. Please clear them, click the Save button and check the result.

Thank you. 
Hello, i make the change that you tell me, an now the problem is that in the onfly search show view 62 products more, and when you click only show you 7 producst.


Dear Victor,

Thank you for your reply.

Please clarify the address of your store in order that we can examine the issue in more detail.

Thank you.

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