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Searchanise Search has stopped working for me

I am on magento 1.9.1 and searchanise has been very buggy for me. Sometimes it works others it doesnt do any search. My site is and right now its not doing any search for me. 


We are sorry to hear that you faced the issue. Please make sure that you have Searchanise of v.3.0.5 installed in the store. It is the latest Searchanise version and we recommend you to upgrade the extension to it as far as, unfortunately, previous version were not compatible with Magento v.1.9.1. Please use the Magento Connect service to install the extension of the latest version.

Thank you.

I have the latest version but it still not working for me.. My staging site the exact same thing the searchanise works.

Thank you for the provided information. We have contacted you via email regarding the issue. Please check our answer.

Thank you.

I have not got an email yet. Do you have the right email?


Hi I never got the email.. My email is would you be able to resend the answers? Thanks

Thank you for your reply.

We have contacted you via provided email regarding the issue. Please check our answer.

Thank you.

Thanks I have since replied to that email.

You support is very lackluster if this issue would get resolved I was going to get one of your premium plans but you guys don't respond to any of my emails or replys which is making me lose trust in you...


We are very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our technical support service. As far as we see, we answered you 5 days ago in ticket 19095 and we are waiting for your response in order to continue examination of the issue on your server. Please check your emails. Most possibly, the email was sent to the Spam folder. Please check it as well.

When you find our email, please answer to it in order that we can continue working with your store.

Thank you.


I received the email and responded right away 5 days ago from sean@*****. Checking my email it showed I replied to it. I have yet to receive another response..


Dear Sean, 

Thank you for the reply.

We have resent our email to you. Please check it.

Thank you.


I did not receive it what email are you sending it too? 

Dear Shean, 

The reply was sent in ticket 19095 to the following e-mail address: sean@scent***bo**** . The address was hidden by ***  for security reasons. It is the same e-mail address  which is used here. Please check the emails.

Thank you.

I only have the original message that was received 7 day ago that I replied to. I checked again. Anyways here is my reply to the original message. 

"Why was it working fine on our staging site before and sometimes works fine on are main site? Also Can you provide full command line that is executing on this server and generates this error message?"

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