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Searchanise module index products from the clone web site


We have a magento store and now we want to make an update.

We make a clone in an other domain.

Searchanise module index products from the clone web site so if you try to search a product the suggestion redirects you to clone store.



Thank you for the message.

Please let me explain one important point of Searchanise operation. Searchanise identifies the store catalog using the unique API key value. These keys are observable on the add-on settings page in the store administration panel.

When you move your store from development to production or visa versa, as a rule the database is just copied from one store to another. It means that 2 stores will have the same API key, which is incorrect and can cause wrong search results.

That is why we recommend to install the add-on separately for each store installation so that the catalogs could have their own API keys.

Thank you.


So what we have to do to solve this problem?

i have close the second store already.

Thanks you


Please try to uninstall the extension via Magento Connect on your dev store  and remove searchanise_config and searchanise_queue tables from your database of the dev store. Then you should remove the information about these tables from the Magento resources table. Please execute the following SQL query in your database of the development store:

DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE `core_resource`.`code` = 'searchanise_setup'

Then install the extension again on your development store. After that click on the Force re-indexation button on the Searchanise extension settings in your live store. After data is re-indexed, you will get the correct results.

I hope this information will help you.

Thank you.

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