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invalid security certificate

I forgot my password for my account. When I requested a password reset and clicked on the link in the accompanying email, Google Chrome warned me that the SSL certificate was invalid with the following error:


It's not stopping me from doing anything, but it made the resetting of my password occur over a non-secure connection.

Dear Scott, 

We are sorry to hear that you experience this issue. 

Unfortunately, we have failed to reproduce this problem in our test store. Please check the attached screen shots. Could we create a test admin account on your site and check the issue carefully?

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply.

The URL in question isn't one referenced in either of your screenshots. It has nothing to do with a store website. Rather, it's the URL embedded in the "password reset" email I received after clicking the "I forgot my password" link in your website:

See the attached screenshot.


(88.5 KB)

Dear Scott, 

Thank you for the clarification.

We have forwarded this information to our product development team for further examination. 

Thank you and have a nice day.

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