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Pay via Paypal to upgrade to pro version


I wrote yesterday asking for upgrade my expired free trial version of Searchanise to Pro version (5,000 products, 18$/month with 50% discount as searchanise's control panel says) directly from Magento's Searchanise control panel "send message" button.

My question was about to pay subscription via PayPal instead of credit card, but didn't get any answer, maybe something went wrong with message sending from my Magento's Searchanise control panel "send message" button?

My account referres to my website, need to activate Searchanise Pro as soon as possible, please let me know how to proceed with Paypal payment.

Thanks in advance, hope to get your feedback soon,

P. Ferrari -

Dear Pier,

Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

Please refer to our answer in the corresponding ticket.

Thank you.

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