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Price without tax


i have setup magento to shop both price (with and without tax), searchanize search suggest show the "with tax" price, how can i set it to show the without tax price?


Try using the Force re-indexation button on the Searchanise settings page. Let us know the result.

Thank you.


i do it but not work, some ideas?

Dear Alessandro.

We will consult with our developers regarding your question and update you at the earliest.

Thank you.

Dear Alessandro,

Thank you for your time and patience.

In order to display prices without tax in search widget additional code modification is required. In order to implement it, please add the following part of code:

$showPricesTax = false;

below this one:

private static function getProductShowPrice($product, $price)


   static $taxHelper;

   static $showPricesTax;

   if (!isset($taxHelper)) {

      $taxHelper = Mage::helper('tax');

      $showPricesTax = ($taxHelper->displayPriceIncludingTax() || $taxHelper->displayBothPrices());


in the app/code/community/Simtech/Searchanise/Helper/ApiProducts.php file of your Magento installation. Then click the Force re-indexation button on the Searchanise control panel in the admin panel of your store and check the issue again.

Thank you.

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