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The search as you type function does not work on my website.

Website search does work if you press enter however the search as you type function only returns "Sorry nothing found for ...."

It has always worked well until now.

Hello, Harvey.

We are sorry to hear that you faced this issue.

Please check if Full-text search is enabled on the System > Configuration > Searchanise > Settings page of the administration panel of your store. If the issue is there please try clicking the Force re-indexation button on the Searchanise control panel page, wait for the indexation to be complete and see the result.

Also the issue could occur if there is some incompatible with Searchanise extension. In most cases these are AJAX-based and SEO-targeted extensions. The following Magento extensions have proven to be incompatible with Searchanise:

- SEO Layered Navigation

- SEO Suite Ultimate

- Lesti::Fpc

There is a workaround to make an incompatible extension work:

Please check it.

Thank you.

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