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Last Full Resync of catalog iisue

Weare testing your app in demo mode for the moment. And we are facing issue with "Last Full Resync of catalog" is not updating anything, its has installation date value. And we see that removed products are still visible with search window only. "Last Update Request to Searchanise Server" is up to date. We do not want to run resync of our catalog manually or whatever, it must be done automatically. How to fix that?

(36.7 KB)


Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

We need to know your FTP access information and access credentials to admin panel of your store to examine the problem in detail on your server. Please create a plain text file on your local computer and fill it with your FTP hostname, username, password and access credentials to admin panel of your store. Then please send your request to with attaching your file.

Thank you.

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