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Flood of Irrelevant Searches. Possible Compromise

Since the time we installed searchanize on our site has been absolutely flooded with searches for products we don't carry. They almost seem like random strings. We didn't really care until these bots (?) actually increased our hosting bill this month.

I'm attaching a list of the kind of searches we're flooded with all day, none of which are product IDs on our site.

The second column is the amount of results returned and the 3rd column is the amount of times the term was searched. As you can see, these are all 1 time searches with 0 results - not an incidental customer or 2 not finding what they need.

Please advise, I'm concerned Searchanize may be compromising our site and I need to know what's going on ASAP.



Searchanise does not send any search queries to the store. When the customer specifies any keywords in the search field, the Searchanise add-on in your store sends the request to the Searchanise servers (not the one where the store is installed), our servers process the request and send the relevant data for the search keywords to the widget displaying in your store. So, it is not Searchanise that sends the requests to search.

We recommend you to check the access logs on your server to get more details on the sources of the requests. You may need to contact the server administrators regarding the logs. Also, you may try disabling the extension for a while to be sure.

Please let us know the result.

Thank you.

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