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Searchanise is disconnected


Please check image attached. From time to time Searchanise is disconnected. I don't know why?

So, I proceed to connect but it shows a "Trial status" and a different API Key: 4m8W0g0u8z.

My last API Key was: 1E9H1u4v0Q

Please, can you setup my account so I will not have same issue every month.

Thanks in advance.




Dear Patricio,


Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

It seems that the cscart_se_settings table of your store database is cleared up regularly. Most probably, some cron jobs are installed on the server that clear up or remove this table. Please check it. If so, please remove the cscart_se_settings table from the cron job to make sure that the add-on settings are not removed.

We will move your subscription to your new API key as soon as possible. We'll contact you when it's done.

Thank you.

Dear Patricio,

We've moved your subscription to your new API key.

Thank you.

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