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installed via magento what????

Hi i have installed the searchnize using magento connect (magento 1.9.2)

I can see the system/configuration/catalog/searchnize/settings, but inside it has only two fields:

Search input HTML DOM ID


Use Searchanise for full-text search

not sure what to do now..... please advise

(21.6 KB)

Hello Roberto!

Please check the Catalog > Searchanise page in your store admin panel for the Searchanise panel.

Thank you. 

i sent even a picture of the panel with two options the anywhere else i should look?

sorry...i just is that i have more than 25 products....cant i test it for 14 days?

When you connect the store to the Searchanise service, it starts the 14-day trial period. So, you are free to test it during this time without any payments.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you.

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