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I want to find by partial SKU in my store

Hello, I want to find any product by full sku or partial SKU.

On your Demo Store Its not found as you say. In this URL
if you search 53743751008, we have one result. But, if we search 5374375100 we have no result. 

is there any way to find by partial SKU?

Hi Jonatan,

Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

This functionality was changed recently because of the many clients requests. At the moment, search results are shown by the exact match by SKU. But we can enable the search by partial SKU as well for your store. I have forwarded the request to do it to our software engineers. We will contact you when it's done.

Thank you.

Dear Jonatan,

Thank you for your time and patience.

Please provide address of your store so our software architects can enable the search by partial SKU for your store.

Thank you.

Hello, the address is

Thank you for your reply.

Our software architects have enabled substring search by SKU for your store. Please check it.

Thank you.



I need to have "enable the search by partial SKU" on my store

If it is possible to have "partial tags too"

Thanks, because the owner think I am doing something wrong.



In order to enable search by part of SKU please select the Enable SKU substring search select box on the Preferences page if your Searchanise control panel. As for tags, I am afraid, there is no such setting in Searchanise but if tags are enabled for indexation Searchanise will search by part of tags too. Please check it.

Thank you.


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