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Customize Instant search widget dropdown result item

Hi Serchanise,

I would like to ask if it's possible to show the sale sticker on products when they are displayed in search results not only when you enter product page (show original price crossed out at least if sticker is not possible). Please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Francis Claide Magallen

I am using shopify.

Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to display sale stickers and crossed original full prices of the products in Searchanise. 

Thank you.

Thanks for the response. Additional question: Would it be possible to change the search result pagination to load more button? or infinite scrolling?


Sorry for the delay in answering. Your last message was lost somehow.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to use Load more button or infinite scrolling in Searchanise. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Thank you.

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