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Searchandise is not working

Hi, Searchandise is not working on my Magento Store. This is the status. 


Under System > Configurations > Searchandise > Settings. It is set to Yes. In Catalog > Searchandise > Instant Search Widget is set to be enabled. 

It used to be working. Can anyone help?

I am currently on Magento


Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear that you faced this issue.

Please specify your store domain so that we could examine the issue more thoroughly.

Thank you.


Hi, Thanks for getting back. My store domain is below.

Hi, Did you manage to find the issue?


Thank you for your time and patience. We apologize for the delay in answering.

As we can see your subscription is suspended. If you want to use search from Searchanise, you need to subscribe to Searchanise Pro in the Searchanise control panel in admin panel of your store.

Thank you.


I see. Now I cannot use Searchandise without the Pro edition?


Searchanise is free for stores with up to 25 products. If there are more than 25 products in the store Searchanise Pro subscription should be purchased.

Thank you.

Hi Alexey, 

Oh I see. Thanks for clarifying. Ok noted!


You are welcome. We are glad that it is clarified now.

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