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hide "out of stock" item from Magento searchanise result.


I want to hide out of stock item from Ssearchanise result.

What I found

What I did

  • updated Display Out of Stock Products from Magento setting
  • cleared cache
  • ran reindex all
  • ran force re-index of Searchanise data


Even the setting and cache is refreshed, it still appear on the list of the search result.


  • Magento ver.
  • Searchanise Extension 3.1.2

Please let me know what can I do now.

Thank you so much.

Hello Edward.

Thank you for contacting us.

We will consult with our developers regarding your question and will contact you as soon as we get answer from them.

Hello Edward.

Please clarify address of your store where Searchanise is installed.

Thank you.

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