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Apparel store - Need more filters

 I have a formal gown online store and want to know if in addition to your 5  customizable filters: price, availability, vendor, product type, and tags, if it was possible to create filters such as:

1. size

2. color

3. event

4. style

My current website ( has over 7000 products. I am migrating over to Shopify and have already created all my collection pages and created tags for each product to be placed in collections.

It would be nice for your search with filters to almost be seamless to (which I plan on using).

Can these filters for an apparel company like mine be created?


Thank you for contacting Searchanise.

Unfortunately there is no ability to create additional filters in Searchanise because in Shopify a product does not have editable fields that could be used as values in Searchanise filters. That is why Searchanise has filters only by price, availability, vendor, product type and tags.

Thank you.

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