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Magento Stage indexing

In my production website, in the instant widget, I keep seeing products which are only present and active in the stage installation. 

How is this possible?

What do I have to do in order to see only production product in the production website?


Alessandro Sala

Hi Alessandro,

The issue occurs because the same API keys are used for production and stage stores. You can check API keys on the Searchanise control panel in the store admin panel. Each store installation using Searchanise should have unique API keys otherwise, the catalog data will be mixed up.

In order to resolve the issue, it is necessary to re-generate the new API-keys in the development store and re-index the catalog in production store. Please take the steps:

1. Remove the API-keys information from the development store. Please execute the following SQL query in the database of your development store:

TRUNCATE TABLE searchanise_config

2. Log in to the admin panel of staging store, Searchanise extension will generate new API-keys for this store automatically.

3. Click the Force re-indexation button in the Searchanise control panel (Catalog > Searchanise) in admin panel of your production store.

Thank you.

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