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Synonyms and Suggestions


I'm using the trial version on my Magento, so far it looks great but I'm stuck on one thing.

I've added a few Synonyms with relating search terms, if you now search for one of these synonyms in the frontend it does give you the results for the relating search term. However if you search for a synonym it doesn't give you the relating search term as a suggestion... should it?

So if I've added the synonyms "shades, specs" with the search term "glasses", if I search "shades" in the frontend I would expect it to show "glasses" as a suggestion in the dropdown.

The help page says:

"Check Add to the suggestion list if you want to guarantee that this search term is suggested"

Which reads to me that it should? I've ticked the box when adding synonyms/terms.

I've re-indexed.

Any advice?

Hello Paul.

We will consult with our developers regarding your question and will contact you as soon as we get the answer from them.

Thank you.

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, the problem is caused by a bug in Searchanise. It occurs if a space is used in the Search term field. Our engineers will do their best to resolve this bug soon. We'll contact you when it's done. As a temporary solution, we recommend not to use spaces in the Search term field. 

Thank you.

Ah yes, just tested this and it does work with one word search terms amd mo spaces.

Ok, well at least I'm not going crazy and it is actually a bug. However, can you give me an estimate when this fix will be available? For my particular circumstance it's not really helpful using one word in the search term, I'm using this feature for specific products that have alternative names and without the space and the full name it makes no sense. For example I have a product called "Square Bar" without the space and the word bar it just becomes "Square", not really ideal.

Can I go ahead and just load in my synonyms and search terms with spaces knowing that a new version of searchanise will be available any day soon which will automatically solve the problem?



Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact time frames. Sorry for any possible inconvenience. The fix will be applied as soon as it will be ready so you can continue loading your synonyms list.

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