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Slow querys Async in magento 1.9

Hello we had to uninstall searchanise plugin beacous it makes magento  very slow.

There was a Async call that spend so mush time, like 20sec to response and it makes magento navigation very slow.

We need help becouse we love this extension and is very hopefull, and e are paying monthly the pro package.

It starts since last update.

We had an infection attack on the web, but we cleaned all and reinstalled magento and upgraded it from 1.8.1 to 1.9 and it starts to go slow.

Thanks for your help.


We are sorry to hear that you experience this problem.

Please send us a message to and provide us with FTP access credentials to your server and access credentials to the admin panel of your store in a text file so that we could examine the issue in more detail.

Thank you.

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