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Hide Out of stock Products

Hi, i cant hide out of stock products from the search result.

I tried setting the "Display Out of Stock Products" on and off and reindexing, clearing cache afterwards, even forcing a reindex of the products but its still returning products that have the "Stock Availability" set to "out of stock".

The url of the site is:

Thank you.


Please provide the example of products which are out of stock but still shows up in the search results.

Thank you.


Hi, a search example would be:

And the product that shouldnt be in there is: ALPINE MRP-F300

Thank you.

Hi, any idea what could it be?

Hi Rodrigo,

Thank you for the example.

Please send us a message to and provide us with FTP access credentials to your server and access credentials to the admin panel of your store in a text file so that we could examine the issue in more detail.

Thank you.

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