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Android OS - Smarphones - not optimized?


We've just installed your module (last version3.1.3 ) on our Magento platform, 

So we've activated the "Optimize for phones and tablets" option from the Searchiniser pannel, but when we try to search on Android phone for some products, it appears a blank page.

PS: This problem is only on Android phones. On iOS phones it works

Thank you 

(24.8 KB)

Thank you for your message.

Please provide the following information so that we could examine the issue in details:

- your store address,

- device you are using,

- browser and its version.

Thank you.


- Store address: (as you can see in the image that I uploaded before)

- Samsung Galaxy s6 edge (also tried with a Samsung S4 and a Allview a5)

- We've tried with Chrome last version updated, Chrome  (54.0.2840.68), Mozila (last version), and Opera (last version)

@Alexey Maisuradze 

The mobile conversion from my store has decreased.I'm still waiting for an answer. 

Thank you!


Thank you for your reply. We apologize for the delay in answering.

We have forwarded information about this issue to our software architects. We will contact you as soon as we get any results.

Thank you.


Thank you for your time and patience.

Our software architects have fixed this issue. They enabled the Optimize for phones and tablets setting in the Instant search widget section in the Searchanise control panel. Please check if it works for you.

Thank you.


Thank you, the problem was solved and everything is working great!

Have a nice day!

You are welcome. We were glad to help you.
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