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Attribute search priority

Can we achieve a search priority based on the attribute 

concrete exemple , we sell ink cartridges both Original and compatible 

We have 

product 1 :       HP Q2612A Compatible ( wich have the ''compatible'' attribute )

and product 2:  HP Q2612A Original ( wich have the ''original'' attribute )

When searching  HP Q2612A can we set in first position the ''compatible'' and in second the ''original'' based on attribute priority 

please advise , thank you  


There is no ability to prioritize the search results based on the attribute, but we can suggest that you should use the Promotions feature in this case. Using this feature you can trigger a certain product to appear first in the search results when particular keywords are typed in the search box. For example, you can add HP Q2612A or any other word for the desired products (for example, for HP Q2612A Compatible), and it will appear first in the search results. 

Thank you.

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