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Searchnise disabled?!


We encounter a problem, we've just receive e message in the Searchnise pannel (Magento

Processing disabled by Searchanise: numerous invalid update requests transmitted.
Please contact us via the Feedback form.
The shop is:

Can you help me with these problem?

Thank you

We are experiencing the exact same issue using Magento 

We're having the same issue as well. Our search is has been completely down today.


We are very sorry to hear that you experience this issue. Please contact us via form in the Searchanise control panel (click on the Support icon and send us a message). If you have already done that we will reply to you ASAP.

Thank you.

Already done. Looking for a quick reply. Thanks

We are glad to tell you that the issue has been fixed. We sincerely apologize for any possible inconvenience it caused to you.

Thank you.


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