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Signup process flow is VERY frustrating.

The signup process on this site is extremely hard to navigate for Magento users. 

I came across the pricing page, hit Getting Started, installed the Magento extension, and it worked immediately. Awesome. Love it. Now I want to sign up.

So I click the pricing link in the email which said the extension was now indexing my site, which took me back to the pricing page. EVERY LINK that says "Free Trial" or "Get Started" seems to popup the modal to "Get App" or "Get Extension" for Shopify/Magento, etc. 

How do I start the Free Trial?

The only way I got an account was to hit "Report a problem" in the footer, then after coming to the forum I finally found a place to register. After registering, which only takes Full Name, Email, and CAPTCHA, I still could not login because I didn't have a password. Finally I found a login that allows Google login via Oauth, so I made it this far after about 20 minutes.

If you want to get customers, you might want to make getting an account a bit easier to understand. :)

Sorry for the rant. :-D

By the way, I still have no idea how to start this Free Trial...

I finally found there is another admin panel under Catalog after looking at this article. Nowhere in the installation or initial emails or in the System => Configuration => Searchanise page does it mention this panel under Catalog => Searchanise.

I would highly suggest adding a link to the Searchanise admin under Catalog from the System => Configuration => Searchanise page, since most admins probably go to Sys=>Config immediately after installation looking for the options. Finding a page there, I'm probably not thinking there is yet another administration panel elsewhere in the backend. A link between the two would help eliminate a lot of confusion here.

Hello Tom!

We are sorry to hear that you found the sign up process so challenging. We have forwarded this information to our developers. Probably, our documentation will be improved.

Thank you.


Hi Tom!

My name is Oleg. I'm a product manager at Searchanise.

Thank you for the feedback!

We've already created an article in our help portal for Magento customers —

That's not all. We've also added a guide about it to our welcome letter and to System tab at Magento admin panel(it will be in the next version of the module). 

Enjoy the Searchanise, and make your store better with us:)

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