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API Docs down seems down (404).

If it has been moved, please note that searching for "Searchanise API docs" still gives this as the first result.



Hi Lorenzo,

My name is Oleg. I'm a product manager at Searchanise.

We've closed our docs for some period of time.

Could you tell me why do you need our docs?

Dear Oleg,

I am developing a Magento2 website.

As far as I know, there is no Magento2 plugin for Searchanise.

To be able to use Saerchanise, I will need the APIs operations to update and retrieve informations.


  • /api/items/update
  • /search
  • /getwidgets

Is is something that is going to be deprecated soon? If that's the case I will stop the development in this sense.


Thank you for the answer!

We've closed our API from the publiс access because its creates some issues for us.

Please, write me to if you want to use our API.

Thanks to you Oleg.

Can you please reply to my last question?

Are the APIs something not intended (now or in the near future) to be used directly by the user?

Thanks, I will write an email to give my feedback about the APIs usage.


We have closed our API from the public access to make some changes to it. We will open the access in 3 days.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Thank you.

About 3 months have passed, is still down.

I developed an integration for Odoo (an ERP with built-in ecommerce), do I have to fear the non-official addons will stop working?

Our API is still working so you should not worry about your add-on. Our API Docs are closed but we can provide them to you if you send your request to

Thank you.


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