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How to add a page to searchanise


I'm having what seems like a very basic problem with the plugin - basically, I'm missing a page from the searchanise list of pages and am trying to figure out how to manually add it. 

I've also tried force re-indexing. On our staging site this plugin works fine. Is there a setting that I'm not aware of that needs to be changed?



Unfortunately, your request is not clear enough for us. Could you please clarify it in more detail? Also please provide address of your store.

Thank you.

Sorry, I will clarify:

I added a page a few weeks ago in Shopify and it has not indexed in searchanise. I was under the impression that adding a page happens instantly - when I navigate to preferences > pages I see all the pages except that new one I created a few weeks ago.

We are on a paid plan and like I said in my previous post I have tried force re-index but it did not work. The site in question is

UPDATE: I just tried another force re-indexation...looks to be OK now. Thanks.

We are glad to hear that the issue is resolved. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


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