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Scope of the instant search and the search page

Hi there,

I'm developing a website for a client in Shopify and I will need to set a scope of certain products to show up. 

For example, at the moment certain products are visible under certain collections and these collections have a certain template suffix. What I try to achieve is, depending on the template suffix I would like set a scope of the search so only products which contain this suffix within their products tags, would be listed in the results. And this is both for the instant search and the search page.

Is there any access via JavaScript or something which I can use to achieve this?

Thank you,


Dear Deni,

You can hide necessary products, so they will not be indexed by Searchanise. In order to do that, please add the SEARCHANISE_IGNORE tag for the products which should not be displayed in search results. After indexation is complete, these products will not be displayed in search results.

Also you can hide collections from search. In order to do that, please open Searchanise control panel, open the Preferences section and open the Categories tab. Click the Change statuses button, change statuses of necessary collections to Hidden and click the Save changes button.

Thank you.

Hi Alexey,

Thank you for your answer. However, this won't help because the goal I am trying to achieve is to make the products searchable depending on the template they are in. 

So are there any JavaScript callbacks which you can provide and I can use so I can customize the search according to our needs? Something which I can use within my code and not within the app?

Kind Regards,


Dear Deni,

Unfortunately, there is no way to configure Searchanise app to work in this way. Custom modifications are hardly possible as Searchanise is a SaaS solution.

Thank you.

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