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Catalog not updating - possible module conflict

Symptom: Inventory in Magento Admin displays "0", but Searchanise Instant Search Widget displays "In Stock"


I suspect it is a conflict with an extension I have running, from here:


About 8 months ago I reported a problem with search not working after I updated to version 3.1.4 and your developer was able to fix it. I believe your developer fixed the problem by deleting the virtual product I had created:


However, I did not realize at the time that the product attachment page stopped working:


I fixed the virtual product page recently, but now Searchanise is not updating anymore. So I suspect these problems are related. I would appreciate some help on getting both to work. Thanks in advance.



Here are the relevant details:

I created a virtual product page to list all product attachments :

  • SKU user-manuals 
  • Product ID 2445 


It has a Custom Layout Update:

<reference name="">
      <action method="setTemplate"><template>catalog/product/view-manuals.phtml</template></action>

I am running: 

  • Magento ver. 
  • Searchanise 3.1.4 
  • Uni_Fileuploader 0.2.1 


FYI, they were both working with Searchanise 3.0. So something changed in the new version to cause a conflict.



Please provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue in your store so that we can check it in more details.

Thank you.


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