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Does Searchanise include these features?

Does Searchanise include these features?

  1. Trending Searches
  2. Auto Generated Filters
  3. Self Learning
  4. Favorites
Hope my questions will be answered. 

Thank you,



>Trending Searches

Popular suggestions are displayed in the instant search widget according to popular queries in your store.

>Auto Generated Filters

Filters by Price, Availability, Product type, Vendor and Collections are generated automatically. You can also create custom filters based on product tags.

>Self Learning

Searchanise collects customer search queries and provides better suggestions based on these queries.


Unfortunately, your request is not entirely clear for us. Please clarify what do you mean by Favourites.

Also, feel free to install a test Searchanise yourself. Once you install it you will be granted with free 14-days trial.

Thank you.

Thanks Alexey for your reply!

Some search apps have a "Wishlist/Favorite" built in their search.  For example,

This filtered results include a "Heart" to favorite items in their results. 

Does Searchanise have this feature in their search? 


Unfortunately, there is not such a feature in Searchanise.

Thank you.

Appreciate the quick reply!

You are welcome. We are glad to assist you.


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