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Items not showing up in search


Shopify merchant here. The way we have our store set up is that we load 500+ products as hidden every week and we do a Force Re-Indexation. Then we make the products available all at once for our customers at a given time and it becomes a race for them to buy the items. Most sell out very quickly, within 2-3 minutes. The problem we have since installing your app is that it takes the search about 10 minutes to recognize the new products which were just made available. So our customers are searching for specific items but they are not coming up, causing frustration on their end. We need the search to immediately recognize the hidden products the second they become unhidden. Is this possible?



Dear Lee,

In this case we can only recommend you to click the Force re-indexation button in the Dashboard section in the Searchanise control panel once the products are set to active.

Thank you.

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