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price shown without tax

Hi y'all,

great extension, but I cannot show the price with tax, both in results as instant seacrh. Please help me!

Thanks! Dennis

Hi Dennis, 

Thank you for your kind words about our app. We're happy to know you like it. 

The prices in the Searchanise widgets coincide with the prices shown on product pages so the tax settings from your Magento admin panel should be counted. Could you please let us know how you set up to show the prices with tax in your Magento store?

You can find the settings under System/Configuration/Sales/Tax/Calculation. 

What is more, as far as I can see at the moment you've set product prices not to be shown in the Searchanise app. We'd also appreciate if you provided us with the example of what price should be shown for a definite product and what price is actually shown.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Angelina, 


The settings under: System/Configuration/Sales/Tax/Calculation:
prices are put in the product catalogus including tax. But are shown without tax in 'instant search'.

For example:
2,44 is shown, but it has to show 2,95 (this is including 21% VAT)

Do you have enough information?

Hopefully this couls be solved easily.

Regards, Dennis

Dear Dennis,

Could you please provide the example of what price should be shown for a specific product and what price is actually shown. Please provide name of specific product, so we can examine the issue.

Thank you.
Dear Alexey,
Thank you, hopefully the follwowing will suffice:
  • entity id: 4541 
  • product name: Amber 24 lange stokjes
  • product_sku: 11201
  • product sales price:  € 2,95 (this should be shown, this is including 21% VAT)
  • but product price: € 2,44 is shown
Thanks for your trouble.

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for the provided information. We'll need to know your FTP and admin panel access information to examine the problem in detail on your server. Please create a plain text file on your local computer and fill it with the access credentials. Then send an e-mail to with attaching your file.

Thank you in advance!

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