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Manage popular suggestions

Is it possible to remove certain suggestions from popular suggestions?

I know that suggestions can be given a lower priority from the 'suggestions dictionary' but I can't find a way of completely removing a suggestion?

Installed on a Shopify store if that makes a difference.


Hi Craig,

Thank you for your question. 

Suggestions can also be removed in the Suggestion dicitionary section of the Searchanise admin panel

1. Click Edit suggestions.

2. Select the Delete checkbox for the suggestion that needs to be removed.

3. Click Delete selected and confirm the action by clicking Ok in the appeared dialog box.

This should help. 

Thank you.

This removes suggestions that are in the suggestions dictionary already but a lot of suggestions appearing in popular suggestions are not in the dictionary, I guess they've been automatically generated?

Is there anyway of adding terms to an exclusion list so it doesn't appear in popular suggestions? Or would adding the term to the dictionary and then deleting it prevent it from appearing?


I am afraid, there is no way to exclude a certain auto-generated suggestion from the widget. In this case we can recommend you to completely hide auto-generated suggestions by clearing the Suggest automatically generated terms check box on the Instant search widget > Content page of your Searchanise control panel.

Thank you.


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