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Re-indexing product only on live server


We already implement searchanise extension in out live website & it's working fine.

For development we tack back up of live site & working on local than all products URL in live website change to local URL.

So is there any way to synchronise only live URL not local?


Each store installation using Searchanise should have unique API keys otherwise the catalog data will be mixed up. In this case it is necessary to re-generate the new API-keys in one installation and re-index the catalog in the other store. Please take the steps:


1. Remove the API-keys information from the local store. Please execute the following SQL query in the database of your local store:


TRUNCATE TABLE searchanise_config


2. Log in to the admin panel of your local store, Searchanise extension will generate new API-keys for your local store automatically.

3. Click the Force re-indexation button in the Searchanise control panel (Catalog > Searchanise page) in admin panel of your live store.


After that please contact us at and provide us new API key which was generated for your local store so we can activate free test subscription for it.

Thank you.

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