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Filter by Height & Width

I’m testing how to set up filters and I see that when you choose a filter like height and width that when you go to search for the tags if you’re setting it up with a tag that the tag would have to be simple like “12 inch” But then what is the width is also 12 inch? Currently we have tags that look like this: Width_12 inch Height_12 inch I suppose that we could go in and remove the Width_ and Height_ but is that the right way? Any problems that could arise down the road without a variable telling you that size is height or width?

Dear Andrew,

If you remove prefixes from your tag names there may be an issue when you add tags with identical names for filters. From other hand if you do not remove the prefixes, the whole tag names will be displayed in filters in search results widget. We can provide you individual modification on your server, so full tag names (with prefixes) will be displayed in the Searchanise control panel, but they will be displayed without prefixes in search results widget.

Such modifications are available for Enterprise subscribers only.

Thank you.

Can Searchanise power the collection pages as well? Or does your app only work on search results. Findify our current search technology helped power the collections filter. If I’m to make the switch I need an option for that.

Hi Andrew,

We have a smart navigation functionality allowing to add Searchanise filters to collection pages in Shopify. It is available from the USD 18 plan. Here is the instruction on how to set up smart navigation.

By the way, we've sent you a reply on smart navigation by email a day ago. Could you let me know if you received it?

Thank you!


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