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Incorrect theme settings applied.

Hi I am setting a store for a reseller Who doesn’t want the prices to displayed until and unless a customer creates a account and he authorize them under respective customer groups with their own prices. I have set a trial in BigCommerce and choosen in theme settings to Login for Prices/Purchase but during search in searchanise, this setting is been ignored and prices in search are getting displayed. When I choose in searchanise app setting to hide prices it’s hidden even when a customer is logged in. Please suggest how to set the prices hidden till a customer logged in ? Regards Shafeeq

Hi Shafeeq,

Thank you for your question!

At the moment we're working on the task for adding the Show price only for logged customer setting to Searchanise. Unfortunately I can't tell you the exact timeframe when it is released. You can expect this setting to appear in Searchanise within 1 month. I will get back to you as soon as the task is finished.


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