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Issue when searching terms with special characters

When I search a term with special character it loads the results fine. eg: "balanças"

But then when you select any filter it shows no results for "balan%C3%A7a". It seems when you apply a filter it does not support the special characters.

Dear Raphael,

Unfortunately we have failed to reproduce the issue in your store. Could you please provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue and screenshots?

Thank you.

When you search a term with special characters:


But when you filter it:


It is decoding the "ç" again. Look what happens with the URL.

I don't know if is a problem with Magento or Searchanise.

Hi Raphael,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm afraid we still can't reproduce the issue. When we click on filter variants, the correct results seem to be shown:

Could you let us know if you still need our assistance on the issue?


Hi Angelina,

Do the same steps and try to click in any "sort by" options, in portuguese is wrote "Classificar Por" 



Hi Raphael,

We managed to reproduce the issue in your store. We need to know your FTP and admin panel access information to examine the  problem in detail on your server. Please create a plain text file on  your local computer and fill it with the access credentials. Then send the credentials in a private ticket.

Thank you.

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