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Magento Price

In magento, we use in addition to the normal price, we also use the Special Price (which currently works), however, we use here a special rule for purchases with an specific payment method.


For example:


Shirt Yellow.


Price Normal: 90.00

Price with credit card (15% discount): 42.50 



In grid magento would be display:


Price Normal (if dont have special price) + Price with 15% discount.


This way:


Shirt Yellow

by $90.00 or $76,5 with discount (15% off credit card).

What i need:

Display in frontend and aditional price above the Price normal. 

Price with credit card (15% discount): $ 76,50 * 


Could you please clarify how the price with discount is specified for a product  in admin panel of your store? Any screenshots will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Is based on cart promotions rules. 

If payment Method is X, apply 15% discount.




Unfortunately, there is no way to configure Searchanise extension to work in this way. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Thank you.

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