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Shopify: Group Tags To Create Filters

Shopify allows us to add tags to our products with there being really no limit on how many you can add.  These tags are great for creating collections and so on. However, the tags become overwhelming in the filters when you have products that span several collections and relevant other products.  Tags would work better and also be better organized if we could group our tags within the filters or have the tags become their own filter box

Here is a scenario to use to get an idea.  One of our smaller collections is batteries.  For each product in this collection we have a tag for:

  • Voltage (1.5V, 3V 7.2V,7.4V, 8.4V, etc)
  • Battery Type (Li-Po, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Alkaline, Li-Ion, etc)
  • Connector (Deans, Tamiya, None, Mini, XT90, Banana)
As you can see we have 16 tags which makes a large filter list in Tags. If we could group the tags within the Tags Filter Box or have them become their own filter boxes, not only will they make more sense but would also be more organized.

We could then just add the filter to our tag:

Then either in  the tags or in its own box have

v Voltage
   1.5V (3)
   3V (5)
   7.2V (22)

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for your message.

In this case we recommend you to use custom filters:

Thank you.

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