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Bold Multi-Currency Issue

We have integrated Bold MC with our store and it is half working.  It works just great if the customer selects to change the currency whilst on the search results page, but if they have selected their currency earlier on in their journey and then search, the results revert back to the store default the the MC Currency Converter needs to be re-submitted to trigger the change.

Is there a setting we have missed, or a known work around?


Hi Dave!

Unfortunately, the issue seems to be caused by a bug in Searchanise. Our developers are already working on it and we will let you know in this topic once it is fixed.

Thank you.


We are glad to tell you that the issue is fixed. Please check the results.

Thank you.

Hi Alexey,  Sorry I have only just seen the reply from you.  Sadly the issues is still happening for us at (see attached) - do I need to do anything our end to see the updates?  We're considering upgrading our collection pages to Searchanise, but we cannot do this unless we can get the currency issues sorted.  Thanks 



To fix your issue we need to have an access to your storefront.

 Soon, you will receive an e-mail from Shopify with access request from Searchanise. Confirm it to let our developers fix your issue.

Please, notify us when you've accepted the request.

If you haven't received the letter, then go to your Shopify admin panel → Settings → Account. There will be a form with the same access request.

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