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ignore characters?

a lot of our products have model codes (alphanumeric) with some containing dashes and slashes "-" & "/"

if the customer forgets to add this then the exact product is not found - anyway to exclude these characters?


product title "ff0264/s"

query : 0264 = match

query: f0264 = match

query: 0264s = no match

product title "carlo-02"

query: carlo = match

query: arlo = match

query: carlo02 = no match

I have tried adding these as stop words, but suspect this is not whats its designed for

Any suggestions?

Hi Sandy!

We can recommend you to use the Synonyms feature for that:

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Thanks for the update, but sadly this isn't going to work - we have 18k products for search, this would mean creating synonym for 75% of them... :(
Seems to be a issue for a lot of search products we've trialled - they either have special handling for characters like "/", "-", apostrophes, colons, spaces etc, or they're treated with equal relevance.

We need to discuss your request with our developers and will get back to you a bit later.

Thank you.

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for your time and patience.

Could you please provide address of your store?

Thank you.

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