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Disable viewport parametr

We have a problem with your widget on our website (
Сlick the search icon, then go to the search query input field, then hide the search, and the header takes the following form (see attached).

We found that your widget changes the viewport parameter through its own JS code. In our project, the viewport is set to strictly to 320 pixels, but your widget makes it equal to the screen size.

If we turn off "Optimize for mobile" option, then the desktop search widget is displayed in mobile version of our website and it looks ugly.

How can you disable this option with your help or by ourselves in our project?

(384 KB)

Dear Alexander,

We are sorry to hear that you experience this issue. We need to discuss it with our developers. We will contact you as soon as we get any results.

Thank you.

Thank you! Waiting for your soon answer.

Hello, Alexey!

Are there any good news? :)


We  need to know your FTP and admin panel access information to examine the  problem in detail on your server. Please create a plain text file on  your local computer and fill it with the access credentials. Then create a private ticket with attaching your file.

Thank you.

I cannot find a private ticket option when I create a ticket. Where is it?

I have only this.

Dear Alexander,

We have created a separate ticket and asked for access information there.

Please check your inbox.

Thank you.

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