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Magento 2 Installation failure

Hello, I can see that there is not much discussion around the Searchanise module for Magento 2 so couldn't find any solution to my problem.

I'm having problem with installing you module on a fresh magento 2.2.6.
If I install Magento and then add Searchanise there is no problem while running "bin/magneto setup:upgrade".
Although, when installing the module and then running setup:install on a fresh store we get the following error:

Module 'Magento_Cms':
Installing data...
[ERROR] Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException: Invalid entity_type specified: customer in /var/www/html/vendor/magento/module-eav/Model/Config.php:409

So something in the module is messing with the installation of a clean installation.
Appreciate any helpful tips to get around this.

The issue seems to reside in you events.xml. You have an observer on cms_page_save_after and when Magento_Cms installs its data the Magento_Customer module is not installed yet. This makes the observer crash and the installation fail.

To fix this issue you should put the observern in the etc/adminhtml/events.xml file instead so it only listens when the creating is made in Admin.

This resolved the issue for me.


We need to discuss this question with our developers and will get back to you once we get the results.

Dear Tobias,

Unfortunately, we cannot tell what caused the issue. As we can see the error occurs in another extension during Magento installation process. However we are glad to hear that you managed to resolve the issue. Our developers will check installation process of Magento 2.2.6 in console.

Thank you.

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