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Allow color families to show a pattern or image instead of just a hex color.


We're a tactical gear store, so we often have products offered in various camouflage patterns and families. I like the way that the app handles families, keeps all of our "Greens" under one roof, OD Green, Ranger Green, Sage Green, etc.

However, it's a bit limiting since you can only select a hex color as the visual representation. There is an "image" representation for Multicolor and Clear. Is it possible to add additional representations like this for camouflage patterns? IE: Woodland, Desert, Multicam, Tiger Stripe. We can provide the images, just need a way to add this additional form of visual representation! Thanks.

Hi Eric!

Unfortunately, there is no such feature at the moment. However, we have forwarded a feature request to our developers. Most probably, it will be implemented in future if we receive enough requests from our clients.

Thank you.

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