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Recommendation Widgets Header Links added filters

Love the addition of the new recommendation widget that allows us to add a  widget based on tags, collections etc. in Shopify. 

 I would like to add that it would be nice if we could make the recommendation header linkable.  This way when we create the recommendation widget we can allow the customer to see the whole collection or all products rather than being limited to the 30 max.

The second item would be to allow us to set up the recommendation filter and be able to add an 'and/or clause' to the filtering. For now, all we can do is choose a collection, product cat, Brand or tags.  It would be nice if we could select a collection and also a tag, or a brand and a collection and so on.. 

Hi Bryan!

Thank you for your ideas, we have forwarded them to the responsible person. Most probably, it will be implemented in future if we receive enough requests from our clients.

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