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We bought the searchanise add-on. The add-on worked for some time, but after testing, we noticed that many of the products we have in the online store can not be found. 
Another problem is that if a customer searches a certain keyword, it makes some suggestions, but if he doesn’t click on suggestion and just presses Enter, it returns zero results – event though there are plenty of articles containing this search string.



Please provide the address of your store and examples of products which cannot be found.

Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt reply. In order to be able to test add it should activate it. The client, however, expressed his desire not to be activated until the New Year due to possible consequences. We'd like to have an activated conversation by January.
Thank you

Dear Helena,

Feel free to contact us in this topic once you are ready to keep on working on the issue.

Thank you.

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