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instant search function mobile faulty

instant search does not work as desired on mobile devices. As soon as the search field is activated (on mobile devices), the instant search function is not active. only when the search field is clicked a second time, the instant search function comes, but the display is strongly disturbed. the attached pictures show the following process (on mobile devices):

- Picture 1: select search function with search term "s" (instant search without function)

- Picture 2: second click on search field and search term "s" entered again (instant search works)

- Picture 3: End search field (display issue/error)


How can the bug be fixed so that the instant search works from the beginning and the display is not disturbed?


Thank you very much for your support.

Picture 3.jpg
(73.4 KB)


Thank you for contacting us.

In order to open the instant search widget once a search box is clicked please add the snize-custom-widget-opener class to the magnifying glass icon which is used for your mobile storefront.

As for the issue with the incorrect display, please add the following CSS to the Instant search widget > Custom CSS page:

#shopify-section-header {
   display: block !important;

Thank you.

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