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Improve Bigcommerce Custom Fields Import

Unfortunately Searchanise does not import Custom Field Name and does a bulk import of the values only.

This means setting up custom filters is not accurate, and thus the user experience of site visitors is compromised.

As an example, :


Skin Product 1

Custom Field Name: Skin Type

Custom Field Value: Dry


Hair Product 1

Custom Field Name: Hair Type

Custom Field Value: Dry


Searchanise merges these values into one instead of splitting them based on the Custom Field Name.

If I was to create a filter based on each of the above Custom Field Names I would have products showing for dry skin types under a custom 'Hair Type' filter, and vice-versa with products showing for dry hair types under a custom 'Skin Type' filter.

To work around this I have created a custom filter using 'Hair/Skin Type'. It's not an ideal solution though.

If custom field names could be imported with the values attributed to each one it would be a better user experience for store visitors, and also for store owners as they would not need to maintain Searchanise when creating a new Custom Field Value as it would automatically import into the system and allocate itself to the correct Custom Field Name and show in the correct custom filter(s).

Hi Stuart,

Angelina from Searchanise here.

Thank you for drawing our attention to your idea and the detailed description of the issue. I forwarded it to our developers and they will think on the best solution. We are going to change the way custom fields are imported to Searchanise. It is going to take some time though.

I'm afraid at the moment I can't tell you the exact timeframe for a new solution to be released. However, we'll let you know once it is here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Searchanise Team

Thanks for the reply Angelina and to the Searchanise dev team taking this on board.

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