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502 bad gateway on searchanize cdn

Seems to be causing product results not to be able to come in.

502 Bad Gateway for the following:

This has been on and off since about noon PST 1/29/2019

The searchanize demo store is having same issue:

Tried in chrome. Issue persists.

Tried in FF. Issue persists.

Tried in private and incognito modes. Issue persists.

Tried via proxy server. Issue persists.

So, searchanize CDN fail can basically shut down your store.


We are sorry to hear that you faced this issue.

There  was a temporary issue with our servers which is already fixed so  everything should be OK now. We apologize for any possible  inconveniences it has caused to you.

Hey its back up and working. It seems the CDN you use was affected in the greater los angeles area. Do you have any data on how often this happens?


I am afraid, we do not have such  data. However, we are glad to tell you that we are planning to switch to another CDN provider in the near future.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

Cool, glad to hear it. Love this app, will likely recommend its use in future products.

The only thing Id advise to users of this app that build sites for clients is: make sure it fits their needs 100% before committing to it. Weve had some pain points where we couldnt add functionality just due to how shopify works with apps. Other than that, after we got used to it this saved us many hours, and we are happy with it.


Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

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